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What is Hair Restoration?

Hair Restoration at Absoulute Vitality can occur in two different forms, PRP treatment, and MDPen Treatment.

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is a therapy for hair loss that is a three-step medical treatment in which a person’s blood is drawn, processed, and then injected back into the scalp. This rich plasma triggers new hair growth in targeted areas, and is a very natural procedure. This method can maintain the hair by increasing the blood supply to the hair follicle and increasing the thickness of the hair shaft.

MDPen Treatment is a certified microneedling therapy that is an effective solution to hair loss as it is to skin rejuvenation. This procedure stimulates angiogenesis (creation of new blood vessels), nourishes the bulb of each hair, and delivers hormones to activate and sustain healthy hair growth.

Based on a consultation, and your current state of hair loss, our team will determine the best route for regrowth and which procedure will lead to the most effective results.

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Hair Restoration Benefits
Hair Restoration New Jersey

What are the Benefits of Hair Restoration?

Many benefits can be obtained from Hair Restoration. At Absoulute Vitality we have seen the following benefits from PRP and MDPen Microneedling treatment:

  • Limits hair loss one month after treatments
  • Better scalp health, less fat dandruff
  • Better blood flow to scalp and roots
  • Non-invasive and non-surgical approach to regrowth
  • Zero-to-little chance of allergic reaction
  • Darkened hair
  • Creates a denser hair
  • Increases hair diameter on the scalp
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Who are the Best Candidates for Hair Restoration?

The best candidates for hair restoration in New Jersey are patients with fine or thinning hair, hair loss at the top of the scalp, and a receding hairline, particularly along the temples. Men or women whose hair loss is more recent serve as the ideal candidates for PRP and MDPen Microneedling, as it can be challenging to revive long-dormant hair follicles that haven’t been active for a decade.

What’s the First Step?

The first step for Hair Restoration in New Jersey should be the most exciting, simply because you’ve realized you no longer need to live with the complications of hair loss. Your process with Absoulute Vitality begins with a consultation; contact us today to schedule your appointment with our highly skilled team. When you come in for the appointment, you will be able to describe your objectives for the procedure and receive an evaluation of your scalp. With a quick inspection, we will be able to create a procedure plan that best suits your needs. Our patient coordinator will help you schedule the perfect time for your Hair Restoration, as well as answer any questions you may have about preparation for your appointment.

What to Expect on the Day of Hair Restoration

We strive to have all our patients feeling relaxed and confident when it comes time for the procedure. The day of your appointment for Hair Restoration may look different depending on the specific restoration plan; below is a breakdown of what it may look like for PRP or MDPen Microneedling.

PRP Hair Loss Treatment:

PRP Restoration treatment consists of two major parts; the blood draw, and injections into the scalp. We start with a cleanse of your scalp, followed by a numbing cream. Then our technician will draw blood from a vein, this blood will be placed into a centrifuge which rotates to separate the plasma from the red blood cells, and then transferred to a syringe for injection into the receding follicles. PRP treatments usually take one hour.

MD Pen Microneedling:

This process is minimally invasive, the actual procedure time can vary based on the size of the treatment area, but it generally takes less than 10 minutes. We may choose to use a topical or local anesthetic to ease any pain. The microneedling procedure begins with our microneedle pen; the MDPen looks like a regular pen but contains tiny needles at the end. Our skilled technician will use the mechanical action of the pen to allow these needles to puncture the scalp and cause minor surface wounds. Patients describe this feeling as a miniature prick, that becomes numb after a few minutes. After the scalp microneedling is completed, you’ll experience some redness and bleeding, which is normal.

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Hair Restoration Recovery

After PRP treatment, you will be able to go home and return to your regular activities. You may experience swelling, bruising, itching, and/or scabs in the treated area; this is expected for the healing process. In approximately three months, patients will see more hair growth, with hair that is thicker and, in some cases, even darker.

Recovery from MDPen Microneelding usually takes about 24 hours. However, it may take up to two to three days, depending on the extent of the microneedle treatment. You are free to return to work or regular activities immediately after treatment. Your scalp may have minor swelling and slight pain; this will subside in the days following the procedure. Microneedling once every 1-3 weeks helps to regrow hair. Then again, 1-3 week intervals are the only frequencies studied for pattern hair loss.

How Much Does Hair Restoration Cost in New Jersey?

We understand the significance of cost to our patients and assure any estimates or expense breakdowns will be as crystal clear as possible. With that said, the price of Hair Restoration in New Jersey is based on several factors, including the area being treated and the method that we agree with our patients is the best course of action. After consulting with a member of our technician team, our Patient Coordinator can provide you with a clear-cut price breakdown.

Why Choose Us?

Hair loss is a very real situation for a large number of people, and it can cause loss of self-esteem and stress. All hope isn’t lost with your thinning hair, as Dr. Sanna Kalika is dedicated to procedures to get you on a path to a fuller, healthier head of hair and mindset. Dr. Kalika is a Board-Certified Internal Medicine physician who focuses on providing her patients with the best possible care. With over two decades of experience, she received her medical degree from Ross University School of medicine in 2000 and is dedicated to informing her patients about the importance of internal health and how they can get the most out of the treatment she provides. Every procedure that Dr. Sanna Kalika implements is met with care, determination, and professionalism; in this case, no hair follicle is unaccounted for. Results speak for themselves; we thrive on the success of our patients, which helps make our team one of the absolute best in New Jersey.

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