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What is BBL Photorejuvenation?

BroadBand Light (BBL) is a non-invasive treatment that uses light-based technology which has created a new standard for treating skin conditions that are a result of aging, active lifestyles, and sun damage. One of the wonderful advantages of BBL energy is that it can be customized and personalized to treat your skin by targeting your specific needs.

At Absoulute Vitality, we use the BBL Hero by Sciton, a handheld device considered to be the next generation of phototherapy that is used to improve pigment, redness, and overall skin quality. By utilizing pulses of light energy, it gently heats your skin’s surface, which in turn induces your body’s natural healing process to increase elastin and collagen production. The result gives your skin a beautiful glow that will improve over time and with additional treatment sessions.

BBL Photorejuvenation is a wonderful way to treat any part of your body of the following skin conditions:

  • Pigmented lesions (e.g., freckles, age spots)
  • Vascular lesions (e.g., small blood vessels, rosacea, and other micro-capillary flushing conditions)
  • Eyelid rejuvenation
  • Facial & body acne (back & chest)
  • Neck and decollete area
  • Lip rejuvenation
  • Ear rejuvenation
  • Skin laxity
  • Uneven skin texture
  • Unwanted hair
  • Anti-Aging treatment of neck, arms, legs
  • Skin tightening over joints (elbows, knees, fingers)
  • Uneven skin texture (keratosis pilaris, peau d’orange, post liposuction and/or other fat reduction surgeries Helps with sore, tight joints
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BBL Benefits
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What are the Benefits of BBL Photorejuvenation?

Some of the amazing benefits our team at Absoulute Vitality have seen our Monmouth County, NJ BBL Photorejuvenation patients enjoy are:

  • Improvements are seen in as little as 1 session
  • Comfortable and gentle treatments
  • Customizable to meet your goals/ needs
  • Little-to-zero downtime
  • BBL has great results on neck and decollete area
  • Practically painless
  • Treatments are quick
  • Works on most types of skin
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Who are the Best Candidates for BBL Photorejuvenation?

The best candidates for BBL Photorejuvenation are those looking to treat the following skin conditions:

  • Acne scarring
  • Dull or uneven skin tone
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Redness
  • Rosacea
  • Rough or dry skin texture
  • Sun damage
  • Wrinkles and fine lines

It is important to maintain a realistic and positive mentality when it comes to the expectations of your treatment results. Unfortunately, if you have tanned skin, this treatment may not be as effective as for those with lighter skin. The increased level of pigment or melanin can absorb the BBL energy.

What’s the First Step?

If you are interested in getting a BBL Photorejuvenation in Monmouth County, New Jersey, the first thing to do is schedule your consultation with Absoultute Vitality. During your appointment, you will meet with Dr. Sanna Kalika to be able to ask any questions you may have about the procedure and express your desires for the outcome of your treatment. Dr. Kalika will ask you some questions of her own regarding your medical history and evaluate your skin. Once she has gathered the information she needs, a treatment plan will be created for you and our Patient Coordinator will help your schedule your first BBL session. You will also be given some instructions to follow before your treatment, which include avoiding too much sun exposure for at least three weeks and avoiding self-tanning for at least a week to 10 days.

What to Expect on the Day of BBL Photorejuvenation

We are happy to provide complimentary VISIA 3-D Skin Assessments during consultations by using top-of-the-line technology from the Canfield. Following your treatment, we will provide another scan to asses improvements. When you come in for your BBL Photorejuvenation, we will provide you with some protective glasses to shield your eyes from the light, and if you would like, we can apply a topical numbing cream so that you have a more pleasant experience. As the machine gets turned on, we can dial in the power level to get the most out of your treatment without causing you to be uncomfortable. While the treatment isn’t painful, many patients feel a slightly warm sensation accompanied by a “rubber band snap” as the light gets absorbed by the treatment areas. After they are finished, you will be offered an ice pack to help reduce swelling or bruising, and a soothing topical lotion will be applied to the treated site.

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BBL Photorejuvenation Recovery

You will be able to return to your normal activities after your treatment, but you should make sure you wear good sunscreen anytime you will be exposed to daylight. There will also be some redness that should resolve over the next few hours, however, it may take a little longer. Any pigmented lesions will darken and gradually flake off and fade over the next 7 – 10 days.

While your results may differ depending on your skin’s condition, the number of sessions you have, and the area being treated, your skin should feel smoother, your fine lines and pores will be reduced, and any sun spots or uneven pigmentation will fade after about a week post-treatment.

How Much Does BBL Photorejuvenation Cost in Monmouth County, NJ?

The cost of BBL Photorejuvenation in Monmouth County, New Jersey is dependent on several factors, including the area being treated and how many sessions you have. After meeting with Dr. Kalika and she can create your treatment plan, our Patient Coordinator will give you a breakdown of the cost for your experience.

Why Choose Us?

In today’s world people don’t just live longer but want to feel and look young longer. Absoulute Vitality is a functional medicine clinic that offers a wide range of cosmetic treatments as well as weight loss. Sanna Kalika is a Board-Certified Internal Medicine physician who focuses on providing her patients with the most attentive, comprehensive, integrative care. With over two decades of experience in traditional medicine and reinforced by years of learning and practicing functional medicine, Dr. Kalika has helped innumerable patients feel better and live more vibrant, happy lives. From conversations with her patients, she realized one important fact, looking better and aging slower is an integral part of everyone’s well-being. Therefore, in her new solo practice, Dr. Kalika’s mission is to make her patients feel beautiful INSIDE AND OUT by applying her medical knowledge from both traditional and functional medicine while offering people various aesthetic procedures to bring out their natural beauty.  Absoulute Vitality’s main goal is to provide our patients with a great doctor-patient relationship that can develop even stronger over the years through communication and trust.

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